Nuri Sherif

GIVS Coordinator

Nuri moved to the Valley in 2014 to pursue a graduate degree in history. More than a degree, they gained a deeper and more authentic understanding of themself and their identity and decided to make the move to western MA permanent. 
After advocating for access to gender-affirming care for a youth in the state care system, Nuri realized that they wanted to work towards changing the political, legal, and social landscape for gender diverse individuals of all ages. Backed by this conviction and their own experiences of non-binary erasure in their life, Nuri started their legal education at Western New England University School of Law in the fall of 2020. 
Every human being should have the legal, structural, and social right to live authentically, no matter at what age or how many times that identity is asserted or evolves. Antiquated systems should not stand in the way of self-actualization and Nuri is proud to be part of a team that is dedicated to creatively problem solving solutions to these systemic barriers. 
Outside of work and school, Nuri enjoys active enrichment such as horseback riding, rock climbing, cycling, kayaking, hiking, and more. Their fuzzy cat friend is their law school aide-de-camp tasked with meowing incessantly during Zoom classes and tweeting from (c)lawsuits @KittenTonks.  [happy to keep this last paragraph out if sticking to the professional interests is the way to go!]