Andrew Bourke


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Licensed psychologist, Parent

Andrew lives in Northampton, Massachusetts with his wife, Miriam. Their two daughters, Ariel and Ilana, attend college. Andrew is a licensed psychologist with more than 20 years experience in psychological assessment with a specialization in forensic (court-related) practice.

Over the years he has also taught classes and given presentations on forensic psychology as well as intellectual disabilities, and trained many psychologists and psychiatrists in forensic work. Prior to becoming a psychologist, Andrew trained and worked as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker. 

With years of formal education and training, Andrew, as with most parents, learned the most from his children. At age 16, his older daughter, Ariel, came out as transgender. Following Ariel’s lead, Andrew and Miriam helped connect her to a gender clinic and endocrinologist for hormone treatment, and navigate the often-challenging process of obtaining insurance coverage for medical and surgical treatment.

One common hurdle they encountered was the insurer’s requirement of letters of support by two mental health providers for gender affirming surgery. Andrew educated himself about the assessment criteria in order to help Ariel advocate for herself and obtain the required letter from her provider. Now, Andrew and Miriam continue to be active passengers with Ariel leading the way.

GIVS was a natural outgrowth of Andrew’s desire to use the knowledge he has gained over the years in supporting Ariel to the benefit of other individuals who are transitioning and their families. To this end, he has attended continuing education classes to develop a specialization in LQBTQ+, with an eye toward assessments for letters of support for hormone therapy and surgeries.

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