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Letters of support for hormone therapy and gender affirmation surgeries

GIVS recognizes that everyone’s gender journey is their own, and for some individuals hormone therapy and/or surgery can be essential to transitioning and being one’s true self. In our efforts to open doors for gender diverse individuals, GIVS offers assessments and letters of support for hormone therapy and gender affirmation surgeries that are often required by medical providers and insurance companies. We will work closely with you through the assessment process.


Our process begins with a phone consultation with one of our psychologists, Dr. Claudia Cumes or Dr. Andrew Bourke.  Together we will discuss your needs, and then connect with your providers and help gather paperwork necessary for your assessment. GIVS uses the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care, version 7, as our guide for completing the assessment and letters of support. 

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