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Erica Carlson

She / Her / Hers
M. Ed., Board Secretary, Parent

Erica’s career has been focused on supporting people through different transitions in their lives. She has nearly two decades of experience counseling and advising college and high school students.

She is currently an academic counselor at Holyoke Community College’s TRIO Student Support Services program, which offers support services to students who are first generation to college, low-income, or who have a disability. Erica has a Master of Education degree from Providence College, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from William Smith College.

Erica has lived in Western Massachusetts for 15 years and has continuously been an advocate for education and the arts.

Erica is drawn to being of service to individuals who are working to overcome barriers and thrive during turning points in their lives. This is not just a professional interest, but also a personal calling. She is passionate about the mission of GIVS because of her commitment to promoting equity and fighting oppression with marginalized individuals and their families, as well as her personal experience supporting trans and nonbinary youth in her family, her work, and her community.

As a parent, a counselor, and an ally Erica has worked to advocate for more inclusive classrooms and institutions, and worked to support other families as they travel through this journey. She lives in Southampton, Massachusetts with her husband and two children.

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