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Hayden Berger

He / Him / His or They / Them / Theirs
Educator. Mentor. Activist.

Hayden’s been a mentor and advocate since the beginning of their own personal journey. In the beginning of 2014, at the age of 19 turning 20 they came out as trans after years of feeling lost.


Despite the lack of resources and knowledge in mainstream media, they paved the way for themselves and made the necessary changes to feel at peace within the structure of their being. They have guided friends through their own personal journeys and have mentored youth coast to coast. They’ve volunteered at a camp for Trans and Gender Variant youth, while also advising camps, schools and other environments on how to go about certain situations.


They flew down to the Nation’s Capital to attend the first National Trans Visibility March; marching down Pennsylvania Ave. towards the Capital Building beside some of the leading activists of the time. Hayden recognize the importance of visibility backed with a voice and hopes that it’ll continue to create positive ripples of change.


They currently work at a Middle School on Cape Cod and advise the Pride Club, creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ youth as a whole.

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