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Ryan Kokoski

He / Him / His  
Board Member, Mentor

As a small child at age seven, Ryan lost his dad unexpectedly and it seemed life would never be the same for him. Getting into his junior high years he knew there was something that didn’t feel right about him and couldn’t pinpoint it. Ryan grew up in a small community where the town had never really been challenged with accepting the LGBTQ+ community. At the age of 14, Ryan began work with a therapist who helped him start his journey. 


Shortly after seeing a therapist weekly, at age 15, Ryan began Testosterone. He went back to school in grade 10 as the first openly transgender person to go through his high school. Although his high school’s GSA club was very small, Ryan and his close friends were determined to keep it going and he became one of the leaders of his high school's GSA club.

He has attended the Pride parade in both Boston and New York and will continue to attend the parades as the years go on. Ryan is now in his first year of college and is looking to be more involved with his school's LGBTQ+ community. 


Realizing through his experience while transitioning, he has become more aware of the support necessary for the LGBTQ+ community. He would like to “be the change” that happens for youth that are on this quest and would need the extra support in transitioning. Through this daunting process, Ryan felt lucky enough to have such great support from family and close friends and wants other transgender youth to have that support in their life.

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